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A set of nine prayer flags with messages of self-love. Hang in a place where you need a reminder to unconditionally love yourself. Comes with an 8 ft ribbon.

Flag sets are $15.50 each.

BOOK: "Unconditional Self-Love"
USL book image

Inside are four sections: the story of how I became an artist of healing art and how the creative process taught me to unconditionally love myself; what I have learned about unconditional self-love (including what the difference is between ego-based self-love and spirit-based self-love); a colorful collection of my art and affirmations; and ten therapeutic exercises that will help you to incorporate unconditional self-love into every aspect of your life.

Books are $16.95 each, with quantity discounts for two or more.

Book Quantities
Unconditional Self-Love Message Cards
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A collection of 50 art images by Rita Loyd with messages of unconditional self-love on the back of each card (card size 2.5 x 3.5). Packaged in a purple lavender organza bag. Retail price $16.00. Quantity discounts:
2 packs for $15.00 ea.
3 packs for $14.50 ea.
4 packs for $14.00 ea.
5 packs for $13.50 ea.
6 or more packs for $13.00 ea.

Message Card Decks
5 x 7 BLANK GREETING CARDS with an affirmation by the artist on the back. (Click on an image to view the card and read the affirmation)
Don't You Know You Can Fly affirmation link
Don't You Know You Can Fly
$2.00 US
Embrace Shadow Self affirmation link
Shadow Self
$2.00 US
Release affirmation link
$2.00 US
Self Discovery affirmation link
Self Discovery
$2.00 US
Make Time for Joyous Moments affirmation link
Make Time for Joyous Moments
$2.00 US
Stars Within Her Grasp affirmation link
Stars Within
Her Grasp
$2.00 US
Take Time to Listen affirmation link
Take Time to Listen
$2.00 US
Grounded affirmation link
$2.00 US
Embraced by Mother Earth affirmation link
Embraced by Mother Earth
$2.00 US
Healing Energy
$2.00 US
Flow affirmation link
$2.00 US
Pathways affirmation link
$2.00 US
Reflection of God affirmation link
Reflection of God
$2.00 US
Rainbow affirmation link
$2.00 US
Celebration affirmation link
$2.00 US
Essence of God affirmation link
Essence of God
$2.00 US
DVD: "In Search of Self-Love"
Original Paintings
Gallery link
Call or email for exact price. The price range is $500 to $1200, with an average price of $800.